I know what you're thinking... How on earth could five relatively unimportant images of our faces on 100 dollar bills be, in anyway shape or form, useful to you? Well they are very useful, because having the whole set will entitle your beautiful self to some wonderful goodies!!

Yeah, that's right. We're talking sweet af discounts on merch, free giveaway prizes and tickets to upcoming shows! Yeah, the whole lot and most likely a lot more on top as we find more ways to exploit our faces...

Where can you GET MORE!? Well you'll be getting opportunities to collECT THE WHOLE SET AT, for example, future shows, when you buy merchandise (which is coming very soon) and when you enter in to competitions we'll be hosting on our social media! 

Dave Front.jpg

in the meantime, whilst we're working out all these wonderful things for you... make sure to stay connected with us on our social media and subscribe to our mailing list below, where you'll be the first to know about all upcoming shows, giveaways and loads more.